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Established in 1986 when Bruce retired from the building trade and purpose built all the amenities for Aubernee Kennels.  Over the years, through experience, we have upgraded and maintained these amenities to a very high standard.  The dog boarders are treated exactly the same as our own dogs.  Spacious accommodation, individual housing and large exercise areas all designed for your dogs' comfort and happiness.
Aubernee Kennels is a "holiday camp" for dogs.  The dog boarding kennels cater for all breeds, types, ages and sizes of dogs.  With over 60 years combined experience in the boarding kennel business we know of and can cater for all the different whims and fancies that dogs have.  Nothing beats experience, you can't buy it you have to earn it.  Dogs enjoy the happy atmosphere at Aubernee Kennels, with plenty of fun filled activities to keep them occupied all day long.  Our regular clients tell us that their dogs slept for a week when they returned home, as they were so exhausted from all their extra activities.  A radio also plays 24/7 to create a homely atmosphere.
Services provided include:-
  • Safe and secure environment for you to leave your dog in.
  • Daily, overnight, weekend and long term accommodation available.
  • Owners live on site.
  • Bitches in season catered for.
  • Isolation unit.
  • Indoor heated kennels.
  • Medication administered free of charge.
  • Pickup and delivery options.
  • Individual kennels and runs to cater for all types and sizes of dogs.
  • Large kennels and runs for multi-dog families.
  • Grassed exercise areas.
  • One on one interaction given to each dog.
  • Computerised system and record keeping.
  • Dogs individually exercised and played with at least three times daily.
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