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I agree:-

  • To notify Aubernee Kennels of any change of particulars or address.

  • To pay for any veterinary attendances on my dog required by Aubernee Kennels at their sole discretion.

  • That my dog is boarded by Aubernee Kennels at my risk in all respects.

  • That I will be responsible for any damage that may be caused by my dog to any other animal or property.

  • That if my dog is not collected from Aubernee Kennels within 1 week of the date of collection, or new advised date, then I agree that the ownership of my dog passes to Aubernee Kennels to dispose of as they think fit.

  • That all charges in this establishment are charged per calendar day, not per night.

  • Day of arrival and day of departure charged as full days irrespective of time of arrival or departure.

  • All charges to be paid in full before any dog will be released.

  • To pay all charges incurred by Aubernee Kennels in the collection of any outstanding monies owing.

  • I have read and accept the terms and conditions as set out above.

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