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Aubernee Kennels has three purpose built kennel blocks.  The kennels are all undercover in buildings.  Each kennel is constructed of timber on all walls with a raised floor so each dog has its own private area.  There are different size kennels to suit every dog.  A radio is playing in the background at all times to help create a homely atmosphere for the dogs.  There are also three purpose built indoor heated kennel rooms which have a heat lamp in one corner of the ceiling.  This ensures that the dog can move away from the heat source if it becomes too hot without having to go outside.  Also in the kennel complex is a standalone unit with separate exercise courtyard for housing in season bitches away from the other dogs.


Each kennel has a run made of pipe and cyclone netting attached to it with a concrete floor.  The large runs are 40 foot long and 6 foot wide, medium runs are 20 foot long and 4 foot wide and the small runs are 12 foot long and 3 foot wide.  Part of the roof extends from the kennel blocks over the run area to ensure that there is plenty of shade for the dogs to lie in during the lovely Hawkes Bay summers and part of the run doesn't have a roof over it to ensure that the dogs can also lie in the sun if they so wish to.  There are also covered runs, as extra security, for those dogs that like to jump or climb.


Large grassed areas complement the kennels and runs.  The dogs get most of their exercise running up and down in their runs or playing with the dogs in the adjacent runs.  At Aubernee Kennels the grassed areas are used to spend time interacting with the dogs on an individual basis.  Whether they want to chase a ball, have a cuddle or sniff around the areas, this time is used to spend with each dog.  Although dogs require plenty of physical exercise, they also need mental stimulation for a balanced life, which we supply via one on one interaction, playing with toys, using treats and other rewards.  No dog is left in an exercise yard unattended.

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