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Dogs are creatures of habit, so to help them settle in at Aubernee Kennels, we try to keep them in the same routine, as much as possible, as they have at home i.e. if they are fed twice a day, they will be fed twice a day in the kennels, if they are fed dry food, we will also feed them dry food.  We provide most varieties of dog food including dry, dog roll, tinned, sachets and fresh meats.  You are also welcome to bring your dog's own food.

All water bowls are refilled manually at Aubernee Kennels, as that way we can gauge how much water a dog is drinking and/or if they are playing in their water bowl.  Medication is administered free of charge, as it is considered all part and parcel of caring for the dog.


Cleaning is done twice a day, plus at other times when necessary.  All kennels and runs are disinfected, and left empty for drying and airing, between guests.

Our heated units are small rooms 6 foot by 6 foot and heating is provided by a heat lamp in one corner.  This allows a dog to move away from the source of the heat if they become too hot, without having to leave the kennel room and go outside.  No two dogs have the same requirements for heat, some have a short coat, others two coats and some long coats, also some dogs live indoors, some outdoors and some both.  We are happy to put on any supplied dogs' jackets on the dogs in cooler weather, if required.

In the summer months cooling is provided by trees in the exercise areas and electric fans in the kennel buildings and roof over part of the runs to provide shade.  We also have paddling pools for dogs that like to cool down in water.


All dogs are individually exercised in our large grassed areas which are securely enclosed, where then can run, romp and play.  Dogs are social animals and need positive interaction and stimulation.  We stress the importance of human-animal bond by supplying one-on-one interaction with the dogs for cuddles and playtime.  Toys are supplied, but you are welcome to bring your dog's favourite toys.


We can provide bedding for your dog, however we encourage you to bring your dog's own basket, bedding and blankets as it has yours and their smell on it.  It is also what they are used to and helps them settle into the kennel environment.

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