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Aubernee Kennels prides itself, that in all the years we have been in the boarding kennel business, we have never lost a dog escaping from our kennel complex.  Safety and security are of paramount importance to us.  All gates on the kennel runs are spring loaded and all gates to exercise yards are padlocked.  The exterior of the property is high corrugated iron fencing, so no one can see into our property, and the exercise yards are enclosed in high cyclone wired fencing.  All exterior gates are also padlocked for extra protection.

Only the kennel owners and staff are allowed into the dog units and exercise areas.  No dog is handled by children.


It is our policy that all dogs are housed and exercised individually apart from dogs belonging to the same family.  They are able to interact with other dogs behind the safety of wire fences.  No dog is left in an exercise yard on their own without someone in attendance.  Dogs are never taken off the property or walked on leads in unsecure areas.  It is very easy for a dog to slip off a collar when frightened and be gone.


Inspections are welcome, however Aubernee Kennels in the first instance, are responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of all dogs in their care.  As such any areas where dogs are housed and exercised are restricted to authorised personnel only, because:-

  • A visitor may harm a dog.

  • A dog may harm a visitor.

  • A visitor is not aware of any hazards on site and how they are managed.

For these reasons the public will be shown the kennel layout and exercise yards only.


In the first instance your dog's own vet would be contacted if circumstances require it, however if your dog's own vet is unavailable Aubernee Kennels has their own vet on call 24/7.

Most veterinarians recommend vaccinations to prevent infectious diseases in dogs and we will not accept your dog into our kennels unless we have proof that these vaccines have been administered.  Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper and Canine Heptatitis can be fatal.  These diseases are spread via saliva, faeces and urine and are highly contagious.  Kennel Cough is not usually fatal unless complications occur and is an airborne disease.

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